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Sweet ” Raviolee ” Made by My daughters Ani & Rini and it’s their first step to express their experience of their love for cooking!They have learned it from youtube and made the sweet by their own idea!

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ravioli pasta made with my twist Ravioli

I am mad about pizzas.. and i love italian delicacies. So i was wondering if i could make a italian dish with my own twist. So i thought of making ravioli. Actually its a sweet ravioli . Let us make some sweet ravioli….;)


(1) 2 cups of flour

(2) 1 egg


(4)Nut and chocolate mix ( the filling )

(5) 2 tbsp butter

(6) Sugar syrup

(7) Sliced bananas


Step 1: First make two pasta sheets. To make them take two cups of all purpose flour and one egg and mix well to make a dough. Add water if needed. Then devide the dough into half and roll the dough out with a rolling pin. You can also use pasta machine to roll the dough out. The thickness of the pasta sheet should be such like that the outline of your hands can be seen…

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